April 21, 2018


There are many possible reasons why you are not as pretty as you used to be. Lack of motivation to keep up with your grooming, you don’t care what your husband/wife thinks anymore, you’ve given up, your DNA, aging, etc. These are all very complex issues and we are not here to solve these issues. Our goal here is to address the basics of maintaining your hygiene. Are you coordinated enough to shave? Can you hold the blow dryer long enough to style your hair? Can you see when you put make up on? etc. Issues related to your marriage and why your wife doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore? That’s another blog. Actually, I could write a book about that but for now…

Modified Strategies

Alternate your hands so your arms or hands don’t get tired as quickly.  Try resting your elbow against a wall or on a shelf (e.g. blowdrying hair, brushing teeth, shaving) if you have limited mobility or decreased tolerance. Keep your elbows close to your body and bend your head to reach if needed. You can also sit down and rest your elbow on the counter while blow drying.

Try a different look. Think about what you can do with all the time you’ll save.


Blow dryer holder


dryer stand

Blow dryers can weigh between 2-5lbs, which can be a lot of weight when you have difficulty reaching up. It’s worse if you are holding a brush in your other hand so you can’t alternate hands. There are different kinds of blow dryer holders. Some are free standing and others are wall mounted. The free standing ones are usually height adjustable. Make sure all holders/stands are angle adjustable unless you don’t mind contorting your body.

If you find yourself cutting yourself when shaving, try an electric shaver. You can find one for women too. Remember though, there’s no shame in going au naturale…

Electric shaver for women


Try using extra mirrors when shaving, putting on make up, plucking your eyebrows, etc. When you strain or lean forward to look in the bathroom mirror, which is typically mounted behind the sink, it can cause neck, shoulder, back and eye strain. It’s best to keep your posture in a comfortably upright posture when possible. Try ones with magnification or lights.

Be Kind

When my mom had a cataract surgery, she was shocked to see all the wrinkles on her face and her husband’s. She was disappointed by all the cracks in the house. Where am I going with this? Nowhere. I don’t really have a point.

wall mirror

Vanity mirror

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